Ledger, the portal to exchange* one crypto for another safely.

Ledger, the portal to exchange* one crypto for another safely.

Swapping crypto lets you effortlessly trading one crypto advantage for the next, in both full or lower amounts. Without any fiat currencies involved. It’s a quick and simple strategy to experiment latest crypto assets – even more.

The reason why change crypto?

Rapidly trade your own crypto, and never having to sell for fiat currencies.

Broaden the collection

Swapping was a fast solution to testing newer crypto while making the portfolio most varied.

Expand your possessions

By swapping one crypto for the next at correct time, you are able to make income.

Protect their resources

Change from a volatile advantage escort service North Charleston into an even more stable someone to shield the funds from volatility.

How might Ledger’s solution services?

a Hardware budget

which provides a protection for your crypto: their property always stay safe.

to exchange crypto and access all treatments you may need : pick, promote, grow… firmly.

Some great benefits of trading crypto through Ledger

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Industry-leading safety

Change one crypto for another in a secure environment using your Ledger components wallet.

Fast & fast

Change crypto within just some clicks directly through Ledger Live application with your lovers.

Independence of choice

With our couples, you select which to exchange with, and how to do it. you are really in control.

All things in one destination

Ledger is the gateway to exchange crypto securely, and a whole lot: buy, market, grow…all in one single app!

5 actions to start switching through Ledger

Buy a Ledger hardware budget to protected your own crypto

Ledger hardware wallets are wisest option to secure, control and grow your crypto possessions.

Get Ledger Reside

It’s your portal to firmly and simply get, exchange and increase your possessions – everything in one safe software.

Setup their wallet

Buy* Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more crypto in a safe conditions by using cost cards or lender move.

Discover a few techniques to grow* their crypto assets passively, easily and securely.


Shop and regulate 28 various crypto quickly and tightly from single room.

And even more

Use of a complete environment of crypto services in a single spot.

* Operated by our very own couples. Access susceptible to licensing appropriate to our lovers in each legislation.

Learn more about crypto!

Creating crypto does not suggest managing it. When you own crypto, what matters is the key that offers accessibility the coins: your exclusive key. The person with the means to access this secret actually is the owner of the associated coins and can perform what they need with these people. When purchasing, trading and saving the coins on an exchange, the change in fact has your own exclusive important factors, and so, their possessions. Not your. Similar to a bank keeping finances. At Ledger we created a simple solution that allows one secure and possess this personal key through your crypto quest – in order to become the just people in charge of your own coins.

Something Crypto Swapping and…

How Exactly To Keep The Crypto…

The Reason Why Select Ledger Devices Wallets?


Eligibility relies on this service membership carrier. It is possible to trading crypto much more than 60 nations, especially in European countries, with the help of our companion Changelly. You’ll be able to trading crypto from people with our companion Wyre . And trading Ethereum tokens from all over the world with the help of our partner ParaSwap.

For crypto which can be sustained by the swap function, possible swap from any coin accounts already present in Ledger reside. Your don’t want to generate any particular consumer account.

Ledger reside, with your associates, enables you to swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Chainlink, Uniswap, XRP, exceptional, and many more.

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